Are you prepared for opportunity?

Are you prepared for opportunity?

Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. 
~ Seneca

Not long after I moved to Atlanta from Pennsylvania, the friend I was staying with ran out of patience with me, and I ended up homeless. I was working in a salon, but not making enough money yet to get my own place. Some nights, I stayed in a shelter. Other nights, I’d sit in a Waffle House all night.

Even though I’d fallen from running the hottest salon in my hometown to not having a place to stay, I always carried my hair-styling tools around with me. I was always prepared to do someone’s hair when the opportunity arose.

One day, I sat at a bus stop, not sure where I was going at the end of a work day. A woman stopped and asked me for directions to a salon. I asked her what she wanted to have done, and told her I’d be happy to come to her house and do her hair for her.

For some reason, she agreed. And I hooked up her hair like she was in a hair show. When I told her I was homeless, she and her husband opened their home to me and gave me a place to stay in exchange for weekly hair-styling services. Later, that kindness led me to an opportunity for a better job, and soon after that, a chance to run my own salon again.

If I hadn’t carried my tools with me, hadn’t offered my services, hadn’t developed my skills to a level of expertise that left a lasting, positive impression, I would’ve missed out on all of that. But I was prepared for the opportunity when it came along.

Are you prepared for your next great opportunity? Will you know it when you see it? And will you make the most of it?

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